Exclusive Distributor in Poland

We understand the importance of reliability and its effect on cost estimation in large projects. In order to meet the needs of investors and contractors, we always do our best to provide the optimum technological solutions at the most attractive prices. Hence our sales policy is based on direct distribution from the manufacturers. During our last decade of business, we have strengthened cooperation with several reliable partners for whom we act as the Exclusive Distributor in Poland.

We represent and exclusively distribute the following brands:


RIGEL's offer
  • ice water chillers
  • condensers
  • multi-functional units
  • evaporator units
  • fancoil water coolers
  • remote condensers
    Why choose RIGEL?
  • the long-standing experience of the Italian manufacturer
  • high customizability
  • short lead times and affordable prices
  • cooling capacity from 10 to 1389.8 KW
  • heating capacity from 11 to 1003 KW
More about the company

We are a young and dynamic business with a highly advanced engineering department which continuously seeks ideas to improve the performance quality of products and adapt our solutions to customer requirements. Innovative technologies, professionalism and competent staff: the three mottos we follow every day.

We completely control our manufacturing processes and each of their stages. We develop innovative high-quality systems which are designed in line with the most stringent safety criteria. Our equipment boasts maximum reliability and performance, reduced noise emission and minimum power consumption.

All our products are subject to numerous tests, e.g. mechanical strength testing of circulation systems and seals, and thorough functional testing (both in normal operating conditions and in emergency states where the protection systems are tested). This is why we can rely on each device.

The product range from RIGEL is designed to professional criteria. The equipment is available, depending on the version, for indoor and outdoor installation. The products can be applied in residential housing complexes, shopping malls, or industrial plants. Flexibility of solutions is our priority. Aside from standard units, RIGEL can build highly customised and very non-standard equipment.

Learn more at www.rigelpolska.pl


SODECA's offer
  • smoke exhaust and air supply fans
  • industrial fans
  • special design fans (Ex-proof, chem-resistant, marine, mining, etc.)
    Why choose SODECA?
  • over 30 years of experience in fan manufacturing
  • wide range of available models
  • smoke exhaust fans certified for EN 12101-3:2002
  • Special design fans:
    for explosion hazard zones
    for the chemical industry
    for the marine industry
    for the mining industry
More about the company

SODECA was founded in 1983 in Spain. The company's core business is manufacturing of industrial-grade fans, ventilation systems and smoke exhaust systems. The company plant is located in Sant Quirze de Besora, where the SODECA fans are built in compliance with ISO and AMCA on over 16 thousand square metres of the manufacturing floor.

Due to the high quality of products, applied testing methods and development programs, the SODECA fans and exhaust systems are currently a frequent choice in all European countries and other parts of the world. The SODECA quality procedures are certified to ISO 9001:2008 by Bureau Veritas, which places the company among the best and most recognised fan manufacturers in Europe.

The most critical contributor to the company's success in achieving goals is the SODECA personnel. Not only do the specialists at your disposal offer ventilation equipment, but also advanced HVAC solutions that will fully meet your requirements. We will do our best to meet even the most complex and advanced requirements.

Learn more at www.sodecapolska.pl

ATISA Aero-Termica-Italiana S.p.A.

ATISA's offer
  • universal A/C fancoils
  • ceiling A/C fancoils
  • ducted A/C fancoils
    Why choose ATISA?
  • a tried and reliable brand on the UE market
  • short lead times on orders
  • products available in marine versions
  • 2 and 4-tube versions
  • wide range of accessories
  • BMS-level control of applications
  • Eurovent and RINA certificates
More about the company

Atisa Aero-Termica-Italiana S.p.A. was established in Milan, Ital, in 1932. Now it is among the most recognised global manufacturers of HVAC equipment.

Atisa is highly dedicated to continuous research and development of its product, as well as to provide flexible solutions, which also meet the demands of industrial sectors that require high quality standards at affordable prices. The Atisa equipment is intended for office and industrial buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, residential buildings, as well as for off-shore applications aboard vessels.

Over 80 years of continuous market presence guarantees expertise and effective evolution of devices which have been offered for years. The level of professionalism achieved through decades of business in the HVAC industry assures development of new solutions which are only promised by the next-generation technologies. The designs prepared by the Atisa Engineering Department are built by qualified personnel on a modern production floor. The Atisa Sales Department supports its domestic and international sales chains.

Atisa maintains and follows ISO 9001:2008 quality systems to meet the market demands. A department of the Company set up specifically for quality is tasked with managing the relevant Quality Warranty Protocol.

Atisa is one of the first HVAC manufacturers which have built a special acoustic chamber with the volume of 240 m3 and in the ISO 3741 standard. The chamber, certified by the ITS Galileo Ferraris, is designed for measurement and certification of the sound power level in Atisa's equipment. The Atisa plant also features a testing chamber for thermal tests, as well as cooling and heating capacity of products.

Atisa provides designs and solutions with the full support of its Design, R&D, and Equipment Testing Departments. Atisa complements its services with quality testing of the product on offer; on special request, the company can also test the air flow parameters, main performance indicators, heat emission, structural noise, and specific vibration levels.

Safety, reliability and design are the first qualities of Atisa equipment:
  • Safety: to ensure functionality which complies with the current standards.
  • Reliability: to minimise the necessary time for servicing.
  • Design: to optimise footprint and functionality with an eye-appealing form, whenever required.

Atisa is a expert partner in its industry.

The high manufacturing technologies applied in our products have been delivered from many years of experience in the design of special and dedicated marine equipment (i.e. air handling units with complete wiring, switching and commissioning, fancoils, ducted units, etc.), and the strict standars, licenses and certifications required by the civil engineering and marine sectors.

The fancoils are certified by Eurovent, which guarantees product compliance with the declared parameters of air, noise and performance. The certification is renewed by annual performance testing under the Eurovent Certification System.